Integrated in other Comodo products


Is there any chance CIMA will be integrated in future Comodo products?

CIMA itself won’t be, however there will be a similar CIMA engine developed for end users and will be embedded in CIS.


I am wondering when the fully featured CIS will be ready… I mean that it has integrated almost all the stand alone products Comodo has to offer today, Can someone give an indication?

When it’s ready. (:LGH)

Yes… that is very nice indication indeed… 88)… thanks a lot! Now I know how long I need to wait… (:LGH)

There will always be a new stand alone app coming off our research labs!! So it will never be ready! :slight_smile:

However, next version (not the current in beta) of CIS will have amazing features that will leave competition drooling over it :slight_smile:


Ooh yeah! (:BNC)!.. this sounds promising… and that is why I choose for COMODO! (V)

Technically speaking it’s similar to McAfee Artemis system…

from what i read, it seems that whatever they find to be suspicious gets sent to their av labs for analysis.
as to what they use for analysis and if its comparable to ours or not, i have no idea.


Actual CIMA online scanner is more like Norman Sandbox or Sunbelt CWSandbox. It drops the file in virtual environment and observes what it does and then outputses the findings. It’s quite useful actually and after long time i have to admit it that this thing is actually very impressive thing that came from your lab.
If it’s possible to run this thing as real-time scanner addon it could actually increae detection rate significantly if rules are set properly (be it agressive or not).

At the moment it will be a heavy client side code and (very slow) if it is to check every file on the user machine. But I do expect progress in future to make it possible.

CIMA will be updated very shortly with more capability that will detect even more and with better accuracy.


This is unbelievably cool of you folks. Great work with all of your software, esp CFP and its cousins.

thank you morgrum…

we have more where that came from :slight_smile:


You said you were going to release a new version of CAMAS soon, is it released?

Can not wait when all that sweet stuff is being released… But I will be a good boy and shall wait until it is granted to me … :SMLR

not yet…
maybe on monday 6th…

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