Integrate "HTTPS Everywhere" extension to Dragon


Comodo has 2 browsers on chromium base. Comodo Dragon is more security and privacy oriented according to Chromodo.
We have some extensions on Comodo Dragon for security and usability purposes.
Lets add “HTTPS Everywhere” extension to Comodo Dragon.
I am sure that all Dragon users will say “why not?” It will help us to create more encrypted, secure and trusted internet.
I will be pleased if you will add this.

Sure, why not? :wink: And why not in IceDragon too? And, as HTTPS Everywhere is an open source project, why not contribute to it wherever it be needed?

Thank you JoWa for your support :-TU
Yes, I just wonder one thing, Why not in Chromodo :wink:
If we want security and privacy, then we need encryption. HTTPS Everywhere can give this need to us.
But I saw 2 people said “No”

Maybe there is reason to explain the difference between Comodo’s Force Secure Connections and HTTPS Everywhere, that the latter has rules for thousands of sites. :-La

Thanks for pointing this out :-TU I hope devs will consider this, I am sure the “No voters” will love HTTPS Everywhere.

How many “Yes” votes that we need to integrate this extension to Comodo browsers? Thanks


yigido, you need to change/remove your signature.
This is pushing the issue, which is beyond the scope and intent of the wishlist.
This needs to be done asap, or we can do it for you.
Thank you.

I removed the words which annoys forum rules. What about my question?

There is no number of votes that will guarantee that a wish is implemented.

So many wish is exist under this topic. They said secure browser but they implement media grabber into Dragon instead of HTTPS Everywhere etc.
It looks like it is another wish for trash bin. :frowning: What do you think JoWa, I can only talk with you.
I e-mailed this wish to Alp Eren Kaplan but I got no reply or deny about this wish

Hi yigido.

No, I don’t think it belongs in the trash bin. :wink: I don’t know what plans Comodo has, but at least developers now know there is interest in integrating HTTPS Everywhere.

Thank you especially for your support (as a mod), I hope to see this extension in next releases in CD, Chromodo and CID. :-TU

Hello Comodo Dragon and other browsers team :-TU

You done good job on browsers of Comodo, but today I made a redical decision… I will not use Comodo Dragon from now on. It is the last browser from Comodo on my system.

Avira created a browser Avira Scout with HTTPS Everywhere + Privacy Badger + Avira Browser Safety (better malware blocking on pages)
So another security company which respects the users privacy and security. Right now, they are better than Comodo browsers. :-TU

You can move this wish as rejected or out-dated etc.
I am done with Comodo browsers, I will not comment on browsers sections, farewell :slight_smile: :cry:

I love the new signature :slight_smile:

Not sure “Comodo’s Hero” is appropriate now after his last comment :slight_smile:

Why my title is btoher you ??? Report it to moderators, lets see they will remove it or not :-TU
Don’t be jealous >:-D I am a hero… I am a MRG member… I am the massive poster on Comodo forum (25th place)
You are just a member…

with my posts, I am just trying to help all community of Comodo Dragon. But seems Comodo doesn’t want this :azn: