InstantSSL or PositiveSSL or OptimumSSL

I have a 3-year InstantSSL cert expiring soon. I paid $139.95 for it 3 years ago. Today it is $230.85 for the same thing. Some serious inflation at Comodo :frowning:

Looking around I see there is also a PositiveSSL and a OptimumSSL products offered by Comodo. Is there any difference between these two and the InstantSSL aside from the lower prices? My main concern is browser compatibility.

Might as well reply to my own post as no reply from Comodo. From what I can tell the root CA is the same between InstantSSL, EssentialSSL, PositiveSSL and OptimumSSL. So they all have the same browser compatibility.

I see no point to the EssentialSSL or PositiveSSL. The OptimumSSL is currently the lowest priced Comodo product at $14.95/year and is the same domain validated product as the other two.

In 2007, I purchased a PositiveSSL cert for only $9/year! Now it is $33.95/year. More rampant inflation at Comodo :frowning: Makes me feel like I am being messed with here. How does Comodo justify changing the price so massively for this product?

What I want is a low priced domain validated SSL product with a clickable trust seal. Sadly Comodo does not offer this product. I know Thawte and Geotrust both offer domain validated SSL products with clickable trust seals. I do not want the hassle of validating an organization. I do not want Idauthority. I like Thawteโ€™s SSL123 product, it is perfect for my requirements, I just hate the high price of it. I hope Comodo can provide a competing SSL product to match it.