Instant SSL Cert Question

Im sure this has been answered many times before, but the support dept is closed, so I will try to get the answer here:

I have just purchased a Instant SSL Cert for our “domain”. When I purchased it, I just gave the domain name(, not It will be installed on our dedicated linux server, which is a mail server, web server and ftp server.

I wanted to verify that once installed it will cover all the host names for the domain: as well as our,, etc. I need at least and

Question is, when I create the CSR, is there anything special that needs to be done? How do I ensure both host names get covered?


Good Evening

The product you might be interested in is called a wildcard certificate. In your case it would cover…,,, etc.

Do be aware, since you do have a mail server that Windows Mobile 5 does not accept wildcards as apart of the certificate. So this product would not work for your mail server in this case.