Installing updates freezes a bit at 90%

Hi guys. I’ve seen that updating virus database is a bit slow and freezes a bit at 90%. Is there any solution for improving these updates?
Also, is possible to configure update time?


The speed is completely dependent on internet conditions. (Number of hops to the download server, net congestion, etc…)

There is no actual way to configure a time to update, but there is a bit of a workaround to accomplish the same thing.

In your Real Time Scanning settings, disable Automatically update virus database. This is the setting that controls the automatic updates that happen every 30 minutes.

Leave this setting enabled in the Scheduled Scanning section.

Now create a new Scan Profile that only scans a single small file that will scan almost instantly. (.txt files are great for this)

Setup up a new Scheduled Scan for whatever time you like that runs this new Scan Profile. Since the scan completes immeditately due to the single small file you’ve picked, all this scan is doing is basically updating your virus database. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply. Well, maybe i’ve not explaneid well my issue… When you download new virus database from your server, is really a fast operation… The problem is the delay (2 min.) for installing these updates. When install arrives to 90%, freezes during these 2 min with the message “Finalizando…” (Ending), and finally concludes well the operation, but it seems a bit strange this delay.

In another hand, i’m happy with CIS. I was not confident with antivirus module, but when i scanned some malware (keygens, cracks, etc…), i saw that CIS did a great job. In fact, is the only one antivirus in the eicar test that blocks eicar string in SSL download :-TU

Thanks again

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Miguel Angel

Hi Mimuweb. I haven’t a solution for you, just a note to say I know what you mean. Mine lags a bit at the 90% mark also, not as long as 2 min but still a definate lag. I think it has only recently started doing this, and I put it down to something that was added to the DB file. I thought over time it might settle again. I thought you would like to know your not alone. Kind regards.
Edit- It does seem to be after the download stage, and more during install stage of the update.

Edit- It does seem to be after the download stage, and more during install stage of the update

Exactly :-TU. Well, is good to know that i’m not alone :azn: I’ve modified title post.

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Miguel Angel

Maybe you can try to download the complete offline database using your fav. download manager & update it manually.

Tho it’s kind of old, compare to the stated latest version but it surely worthed.

Online Database Version : 7862
Offline Database Version : 7848