Installing SSL on weblogic

Hi Some one can help me!

We are trying to get a ssl cert on to a managed_server running on oracle Weblogic, far as Comodo have to say is just dump a txt file containing hash in to document root where weblogic alone do not have. If I to configure OHS yes I can find document root.

What Comodo wants to do is for us to put this hash in to document root and give access to them to verify or register the server by accessing a https URL!

I real dont understand what this request is all about or how this is to work with weblogic. I can (I suppose) edit weblogic.xml to point to a location but with lots of questions.

Thanks and regards

Hi First of all welcome to the forums!
I’m not Comodo staff so can’t speak for them but it seems you are trying to get a validation done, a way for you to prove to Comodo that you own a certain domain for which you requested a certificate is that correct?

If so normally you have to option to use Domain Validation via email to e.g. a webmaster@domain.tld / admin@domain.tld etc?

The file with the hash you are referring to can never be the certificate it’s self.

I agree, there might be some confusion on the OP’s part. If you need help installing the actual certificate, that can be done using Oracle Wallet manager, the command line, or Fusion Middleware Control (EM), the easiest method.