Installing SSL Certificate on SBS 2008

I purchased an Essential Certificate from They said they get them from Matter of fact, the sent me your instructions to install it on IIS 7. (Article 1205)

Problem is, this is SBS 2008 with IIS 7, and is more complicated. At least I can’t get it working.

  1. Using the SBS Console Wizard I “Add a Trusted Certificate.” Generate CSR, put that on’s web site, they generated 4 certs. Certificate.crt, two intermediates and a Root.
  2. Install Certificate.crt via wizard.
  3. Next used MMC Certificate Snap-in to install Intermedates. 1 then 2. (I notice only one shows up.)
  4. Then I assumed the Root_certificate.crt would go into the Third-Party Root Certificates. It says Import was sucessful but I never see it.
  5. I did the bindings at the end of article 1205 and the Default web site hangs.

I did put another set of certs in before that only had as their common name. That was wrong. I corrected that and these have as their common name.

What is the correct procedure here for adding all four files to SBS 2008, please?

I have the same problem. Has anyone solved this problem?


Comodo give you all the certs for completeness, but on a Windows 2003 or higher server, simply applying the latest Windows Updates will install any relevant root and intermeditate certificate updates.

All you really need to concern yourself with is the certificate you actually bought.

The others are valuable on other platforms.