Installing Some Programs

For the past 4 hours, for the fourth time in two days, I have been trying to install Nero 9. The third time I wasn’t sitting here when a warning came up for me to clear the install and it quit. I had to start the fourth time. It is now 71% install when MS shows an error menu stating that “Windows installer has stopped working and will close the program.” I keep closing the error message and so far Nero 9 continues to install. At least I hope so. I had the same problem installing Adobe Acrobat. It took three times and about 2 hours to install it. I am beginning to believe it is the Comodo program giving me all these problems. Has anyone else had problems installing like this?

I am a new user.


Do you treat the installers as an ‘Updater or Installer’ and switch to Installation Mode when the D+ pop up shows?

disable defense+ that works for me i have problems too with installing some programs i think there is some bug in defense +

If you think it is a bug, can you provide more info on the bug board?