Installing programs being blocked

I cant seem to install anything such as fallout 3, my physics disks, ghost recon etc with comodo installed. I have tried disabling sandbox, the firewall, defence + etc, but it wont let them run. I have also tried closing comodo completely. They work fine with comodo uninstalled. They begin to run - fallout 3 getting as far as giving me the option to install, but them just disappear completely.

Any ideas? Comodo seems to be blocking disks, but I cannot unblock them. I did find a setting to stop monitoring disks but it made no difference.

I am not familiar with any of the above programs. Can you tell briefly what they do?

When disabling the sandbox it is advised to reboot. When you disable the sandbox programs that got sandboxed are still in the sandbox and will run outside the sandbox only after they are started the next time.

How did you close Comodo completely? Terminating cfp.exe from task manager only disables the client (interface) program and keeps CIS protecting you.

To fully disable D+ a reboot is required and can be done under Defense + → Advanced → Defense + Behaviour Settings → now select “Deactivate Defense+ permanently (Requires a system restart)” and reboot.