installing on-demand comodo virus scanner only

Hi All,
I recently installed Comodo Firewall and it looks working well too.I am having Avira AntiVir Antivirus on my system and I am fully satisfied with it.
I want to know that whether is it possible to install the on-demand scanner part of Comodo Antivirus on my PC. As installing two on access virus scanners could result in havoc.I am asking this because during the custom installation of Avira we are given the option of installing Guard(on-access scanner).I have only installed Comodo’s Firewall and not its Antivirus so I don’t know about its custom installation.
Would you please tell me how to install the on-demand virus scanner part of CIS together with its firewall. I want to have Avira as my only on-access scanner.
At the same time I want to check Comodo’s Antivirus i.e. its detection rates etc myself by using its on-demand scanner :slight_smile:


you can install the AV and then just disable it from the try icon.

If you want you can also configure CIS so that it won’t constantly update Comodo AV.

If you want this can be done by going to Antivirus / Scanner Settings and under ‘Real Time Scanning’ disable the box that says ‘Automatically update virus database before scanning’.

This should enable you to only update it right before you want to do a scan.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

But as I told in my last post that I have installed Avira(on-access + on-demand scanners) and I want to install Comodo’s AV(on-demand)+FW and not COmodo’s AV(on-access). Is that possible ?
During the installation of CIS it asks for installing AV, FW etc and not the custom installation of Comodo’s AV(and not options of on-access/on-demand scanners installation).
I want to install only the on-demand scanner with FW and not the whole AV and disabling it from tray icon.


there is no option for comodo to be installed as an on demand scanner. The best you can do is install it and just disable the AV buy going to the try icon, selecting av and ticking disable.

Thanks for the reply.

But if it is so as you mentioned above, it is my personal suggestion to CIS developers that they should work for a more customized installers giving more options for installation of AV as per user’s choice. I am suggesting this because Comodo’s AV despite being a good AV(as many tests on internet claims) generally a new user of CIS would not install Comodo AV and will remain sticking to his old AV which he is using for long and perhaps may think that his old AV is better than Comodo’s AV without giving it a try.

If you had given the option to install Comodo’s AV on-demand scanner part only(without on-access part)
there is more than 90% chance that the new user had installed Comodo’s AV on-demand scanner
part as well with Firewall, which might increase its popularity if the user finds Comodo’s AV better than his pre-installed AV and consequently he may replace his old AV with Comodo’s AV(both on-access and on-demand).This will result in overall popularity of CIS and not only it’s FW part.

I think this is a reason why Comodo’ AV is not popular because people generally do not install it because they have their favorite old AV already installed on their PC which even may not be better than Comodo’s AV.

      Please deliver my message to the developers of world's best Firewall to have a more customized installer of CIS. Certainly it will increase the popularity of Comodo's AV (which I want. Believe me. :))

You said in your last reply to disabe it from system tray. Please tell me whether on restarting PC the on-access scanner will get automatically enabled or not. This I am asking because as I said above like most common users I haven’t installed Comodo’s AV part and still using my old favorite AV without giving Comodo AV a try.
Looking for a more customizable CIS installer in future. :slight_smile:


it will restart as disabled always if you turned it off to begin with and it will not even remind you about it. That is a problem but it is also a good thing.

Okay, now I have concluded from the above answers that at least installing only on-demand comodo virus scanner is not possible.
As I have told you earlier that I have installed Comodo FW and not Comodo AV, but at this point I want to install Comodo AV also. I know that I can do this from Start menu → Comodo → Comodo Firewall ->Add and Remove Components. That’s fine. I want to know that whether I will have to restart my PC after installing Comodo AV.
I am asking this because as I told you earlier that I use Avira Antivir Personal(Free Antivirus) and am satisfied with it so I don’t want to uninstall it. I want to use Comodo AV to test it.

If I don’t will have to restart my PC after installing Comodo AV from Start menu → Comodo → Comodo Firewall ->Add and Remove Components then I can disable the AV by going to the try icon, selecting av and ticking disable as suggested by languy99

Furthermore if the above works as I assume then as per languy99’s suggestion

when PC is restarted the Comodo’s AV part is turned off and so it will not cause any booting problems while conflicting with other vendor’s Antivirus product which has its on-access scanner enabled.

I think it is the on-access part of any Antivirus because of which other AV vendor asks for uninstalling any pre-existing AV because both Antiviruses on-access scanners are activated during boot up and may conflict and finally cause havoc and may cause fail to boot properly or even fail to boot.

Please tell me whether I will have to restart my PC after installing Comodo AV from Start menu → Comodo → Comodo Firewall ->Add and Remove Components or not