Installing into the sandbox - what works and how to do it [v6]

Installation will work where the changes made to your system by the installer are relatively shallow, including most web app installations. Installlations up to an including programs consisting of a GUI and a service should work. But more complex installations, including programs that install drivers, and/or installation which include files which start early in the boot process, are unlikely to install successfully.

Installation is probably easiest using the Kiosk, though you should be able to do it using the main CIS interface as well, making sure you don’t set any restriction level.

To install a program in Kiosk

[ol]- Simply download the installer in the Kiosk, or if it’s on your local machine create a link to it on your desktop.

  • Run the installer as normal, or run with admin rights via the context menu. (We found this necessary during mod’s beta as User Access control was not functioning correctly but this may be fixed by now).
  • When asked whether to allow the installer to create Desktop shortcuts, consider the fact that start menu shortcuts will not be created in the Kiosk. Allow creation of desktop shortcuts or decide on one of the program running techniques here.
  • If asked to reboot to finish the process, switch to windows from the Kiosk, check if you need to set start services to on (see next item), then reboot, then re-enter Kiosk. Pressing a reboot button will not work. Installers that ask for a reboot mid way through the process may not work as the installer may not restart.
  • When the installer has completed, if your application uses services you need to set the Advanced Settings ~ D+ ~ Sandbox option to start those services to ‘on’. Please note that doing this does reduce sandbox security somewhat as it means malware will find it easier to set up automatically running processes.
  • To run the installed application use the technique you decided on above - there won’t be any start menu shortcuts[/ol]

Programs installed into the sandbox run with their own set of settings - ie not those you set if you installed the program outside the sandbox.

And to uninstall them?
To uninstall programs it’s best to use their own uninstall wizard. This is usually to be found in the main program directory. To get access to that directory from Kiosk create a shortcut to it on your normal desktop when working non-virtualised. Or to save making many such shortcuts, perhaps create a shortcut to C:\ and navigate to the right directory.