Installing cert in Thunderbird

I got an email cert a few weeks ago, followed the link and it installed correctly in Outlook. I have since changed from Outlook to Thunderbird. I cannot figure out how to get the cert into Thunderbird. I tried the link again, but it says I already have the cert installed. There is an Import feature in Thunderbird, but I cannot find where the cert is stored on my hard drive.

Please help.



You’ll need to export from Internet Explorer and import into Thunderbird.

Export details can be found at:

To import into Thunderbird, go to the certificates panel for the version you are running.
Then locate the option to import the certificate.


Hi schmatt

It’s a bit tricky to figure it out, it was for me at least.
So open outlook, there open options/settings, and on the security tab, at the bottom you will find an import/export button. Click it. In the poped up window, choose the "export to file option. Then set the file name, the place to import and the encription password of the cert file. (sorry if the names given are not the same as yours, but my outlook is not in english)
Next step: open thunderbird, go to tools/options/advanced tab/certificates tab. There press the view certificates button. In the new window click import, browse to your recently backed up cert file by outlook, give your encription password. Thats it! Your cert has been imported to TB.
Hope it helps,

Edit: garry was faster, he already posted while I was typeing. Anyway, I posted it, maybe it would help to you or others

It worked! Thanks garry and blas for the fast reply. Very much appreciated.