Installing Anti-virus product

I’ve been using CIS without the Anti-virus product, just Firewall and Defender.

I now want the Anti-virus active. Will using the Configuration Wizard from “Add or Remove Programs” control panel be sufficient to add this product?

Can I import my configuration (firewall settings and Defender settings) into the new set up or will it remember the current setup?


Yes you can, but tick the firewall aswell otherwise it will install the antivirus and uninstall the firewall.

It should keep your configuration but I would export it first to make sure.


Thank you that’s what I was hoping.

I have installed Commodo Internet Security on my computer. There is a shield icon with a green check mark in it on the lower left side of my screen. Occasionaly there are several red check marks from top to bottom on the shield. I can’t figure out what these are. Can anyone tell me?

They are traffic indicators. If you want to disable them go to Miscellaneous → Settings → General → disable traffic information in the tray.