"Installer or Updater" Access Rights and Protection Settings

What are the Access Rights and Protection Settings for the Predefined Policy “Installer or Updater”?
I initially raised this question in the help forum.
Accessing the Computer Security Policy screen allows me to determine the Access Rights and Protection Settings for the applications listed.
For applications defined by Custom policy all I have to do is to right click on the application and select Edit… and that brings up the Application System Activity Control from which I can determine Access Rights and Protection Settings.
Clicking on Predefined Security Policies lists four policies:
Trusted Application
Windows System Application
Isolated Application
Limited Application
Highlighting any of the four applications and then clicking on the Edit… button to the right brings up another box from which the Access Rights and Protection Settings of the selected predefined security application can be determined.
Conspiciously absent from the Predefined Security Policies list is “Installer or Updater”.
Knowing what the predefined security policy for “Installer or Updater” would allow me to know what the Access Rights and Protection Settings are for every application listed on my Computer Security Policy screen.


I know I am not Melih, and this is his corner, but “Installer or Updater” is similer to “Trusted Application” but more powerful. I will give up to 3 levels of child prcesses the same “Trusted Application” rights and will maintain this for, I think it´s 5 minutes. I have had this exact converation with the Lead dev. This is as long as CFP3 is in installation mode.
you can find part of our conversation here (click on the quote to read I deleted the text as it was al long conversation

Hope this helps some
What I would like to know however is When a Application still has the “Installer or Updater” rights and D+ is in Normal mode what rights are given to the application? this does not always switch back when you return to “Previous Mode” (norlmal mode)I never did gat a sufficiant answer to this from Egemen

Melih or Egemen ,Thanks in advance

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.
Reading through the conversation explained a lot of the questions that I had.
Hopefully when Melih or Egemen responds all will be revealed!


here’s your answer Mike

Installer or Updater : Sets all the rights you can find in “Access Rights” window to the maximum extent including run any executable.

In installation mode, its child processes will inherit the same rights.

Thank you very much for the answer.
I keep rereading your previously referenced conversation and every time I think I see a little bit more.
It’s going to take a while for me to totally get my head around this one.
You guys do a fantastic job!



when I am installing something and Defense+ alerts me I choose Treat application as Install/updater and i put a check mark in the Remember box, I would like to know if I shouldn’t put a check mark in the remember box when doing an install or update.