Installer can't detect mod_security (Not found mod_security)

I have just installed mod_security 2.8 from the Atomic repository on a CentOS 6.6 server running Plesk 11.5. I have restarted the web server so that mod_security is loaded. However, when I run the installer, it cannot detect mod_security:

01-05-2015 19:11:07 Starting the installation
01-05-2015 19:11:08 ----------------Checking Apache-----------------------
01-05-2015 19:11:08 Found APACHE version 2.2.15
01-05-2015 19:11:08 Failed to aquire MODSECURITY version
01-05-2015 19:11:13 ---------------Checking LiteSpeed---------------------
01-05-2015 19:11:13 LiteSpeed binary /usr/local/lsws/bin/lshttpd not found!
01-05-2015 19:11:14 -----------------Checking Nginx-----------------------
01-05-2015 19:11:14 Found Nginx binary /usr/sbin/nginx
01-05-2015 19:11:14 Found Nginx version 1.5.0
01-05-2015 19:11:14 Mod Security NOT supported in this version of Nginx
01-05-2015 19:11:15 ------------------------------------------------------

mod_security is definitely loaded:

apachectl -M | grep security
Syntax OK
 security2_module (shared)

What can we do to get this to work? I have reverted to using mod_security 2.7 from the EPEL repository in the meantime but this doesn’t support the most recent rulesets.


Update: the EPEL mod_security package no longer works with CWAF (this was working before I installed mod_security from Atomic so something has broken since that point).

I’ve looked through to check how the script is identifying mod_security, and it’s failing because the following line is not returning any results:

grep '/' /proc/646/maps | head -n1 | awk '{print $6}'

This is from line 767 of, so we need to work out why “” is not in the maps file…

Fixed - we had orphaned httpd processes which would not stop. The CWAF was getting the PID of one of the orphaned processes which did not have loaded. We just had to do the following:

/etc/init.d/httpd stop
ps aux | grep httpd
kill -9 <PIDs of httpd processes>
/etc/init.d/httpd start

Hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.


Thank you for reporting this issue.
Is mod_security 2.8.0 working now ?

Regards, Oleg

Thanks for checking in, Oleg. Yes, we were able to run the installer once the orphaned httpd processes had been killed. 2.8 is now working well.