Installed Comodo AV & FW for the first time yesterday - early impressions

I bought my brand new laptop yesterday and since I’ve never been a Norton Internet Security fan, I ended up spending a few hours reading up on free antivirus and firewall software. Comodo seemed to get good ratings and so I decided to skip my usual package of AntiVir + Kerio Personal Firewall.

The download was fairly smooth but it surprised me a bit that the firewall was provided by a link in an email while the antivirus came as a download from a pop-up window, which actually got blocked by my browser (Opera 9) the first time around. Still, the download speed was good and everything seemed to work properly.

I start the installation and things still seem nice. Both the antivirus and the firewall warned me to kick out all other software with similar functionality and then they installed smoothly. The software kicks in, updates, force me to reboot and then it was running. Completely painless installation.

Now, how does it runs? So far, I can’t put a finger on anything. It doesn’t eat much CPU time at all and it doesn’t seem to spike either. The interface is rather nice to work with and everything seems like to be taken from the ending of a Danielle Steele novel, given that the ■■■■ movies my sister likes to watch are more than just loosely inspired by the books. In any case, I’m all “happy thoughts” until I notice this:

I must admit that I thought two gigs of RAM in a laptop was a complete overkill but if 90+ megs go straight to the firewall and antivirus during regular monitoring, I guess I’m kinda glad that I’m not running the Comodo security package on my old laptop with a mere half gig of RAM ;D

I haven’t done any kind of throrough testing yet and I’m not sure I’m going to either but other than the memory consumption, which seems a bit severe, this package is ■■■■■■ nice. It works, silently, in the background without requiring my attension through processor usage spikes or by throwing all kinds of messages my way. Hell, even good old Sygate Personal FW was more noisy since it wasn’t possible to tell it not to change icon whenever it logged “suspicious” activities.

Hi and welcome,

Yes the Firewall and AV are heavy resource users, but Comodo are cutting this down fast. The next CPF (released in two weeks) or a beta version (released today) will have a massive cut to its resource useage.

Where did you download the firewall and antivirus from, as they should both have been from a popup if you downloaded from

Again welcome,

Thanks Mike, that sounds truly fabulously great. Perfect timing too, as AntiVir is beginning to ■■■■ me off with its automatic updating that switches focus from full screen applications (aka games) out to the darn desktop :smiley:

If Comodo gets the memory use under control then the package is one hell of a work of art. Pure thumps up from me, then, and (V)

As for where I got the files from, I downloaded them from but hindvision would suggest that my browser ate the first pop-up too without me noticing.

My firewall “purchase” confirmation mail contained a direct link to the firewall installer while the same wasn’t true with the antivirus confirmation mail, causing the confusion.

Ok, your welcome. Actually, I’ve just downloaded the latest beta of CPF and its impact on resources is not noticeable at all. I’m sure the same will soon be true of the antivirus as both teams are working ■■■■■■■ the applications.

If you have any more question no matter what they are just ask here and someone will help or you can help others if you wish.

Again welcome to Comodo,