Installed CAS twice and never appeared.....

Hi, I use CIS but wanted a spam filter software to stop annoying mails getting into my Thunderbird inbox, I use Windows XP so I went to Comodo downloaded CAS followed instructions and finally restarted my system,
the Comodo CAS folder was created as I saw it in the Programs directory but when I tried to configure CAS never appeared the configure CAS window nor it was running in the task manager, uninstalled it and again proceeded to reinstall it and again once restarteds my system and started the CAS configure it never appeared, also the CIS Sandbox never offered me the option to run it out of it.

Any idea, meanwhile this guys from Africa keeps me offering their unatennded millions and I hate to look at them coming into my inbox. I did create a filter in Thunderbird but I would prefer to stop this unwanted mails befor arriving.


Thor Hedderich

Hello Thor;

I’m hoping you are running the installer in an Administrator Privleged Account; as well as making sure the installer is not in the sandbox