Installed and Uninstalled...

I felt very disappointed!!!, I read reviews about it to be one of the best firewalls available, and I am sure it is for the common user.
After installation, the program allowed a few programs I wanted to be asked for permission to run and it would not let me run others I use everyday for work, like Adobe Dreamweaver… it wouldn’t let me use it even after adding it to my trusted applications list. So I had to disable the firewall in order to work with DW. Looked, checked, changed many things and options in order to make it work and it never did. There are some small applications that work attached to Mozilla FF that COMODO did not even notice that were running in the background (like other Firewall programs).
Again, I am sure that is great for most users, but it was a disappointment for me. Summary, Comodo is too Un-Comodo! :-TD

Hi Landosan,

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Which version of CPF were you running?

Which antivirus programs are you running?

Which operating system are you running?

If you could provide more detailed information with regards to your issue, we might be able to help you out further.


It sounds like a Defese+ issue
Try Changing the Defense+ security Level to training mode and then run all the programs you wish
After that change back to clean pc or safe mode

Hi Eric
Thanks for replying!

OK, the version is Comodo Firewall Pro 3.8.65951.477, I got it from CNet website, the AntiVirus I am using is AVG Antivirus only, on a Windows XP PRO system with a SP3 on. I previously had AVG Internet Security running but didnt feel comfortable enough.

Reading an article in the PC Mag, they recommended your Firewall very much. And they suggested to use it next to Avast Antivirus.

If you could share any thoughts, I would really appreciate it!


I actually changed the Defense-Security to training, as well as the firewall, tried to run several programs and a a little cloud came up reporting something like ‘learning…’, but still DW and other Adobe programs did not connect to any server.

What could it be?.. ONE THING… If I turn off the Internet-Security and left on the Firewall protection, DW would connect, very slow but it did. For other Adobe I would have to disable everything.


Before changing to Training mode, make sure there are no existing rules for the programs you are training CIS for.

Defense+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy, locate and select the program and remove it. Click Apply to complete the process.

Firewall/Advanced/Network Security Policy. Same procedure.