I’m planning to install on 3 machines.

I understand that I should remove the firewall (Zone Alarm) first.

  1. It’s unclear, but I presume I should also remove AGV, Spybot, and TeaTimer, using Safe Mode to remove all three?

  2. The second question is "Will the removal process in Control Panel do an ok job of this, or must I go to each of the above web sites and get specific “Complete Removal” instructions?

  3. As I understand it, Comodo will replace the full functions of all the above?


You need this->
to remove completely avg products from your PC.I think with the other software you’ll not have any probs:)
edit:I mean-any probs to uninstall them without special uninstallers.Sorry!:slight_smile:

Yes, You Must Uninstall Zonealram.
If The Package Is Not Created Using Windows Installer , Then You Can Uninstall The Other From Safe Mode.
Its Ok To Go With The Uninstallation From The Control Panel.
CIS Will Replace All Of The Functions

Revo Uninstaller will get everything AVG may leave behind.

As for what to uninstall, do you plan to use AVG as an on demand scanner along with CIS? You can leave it installed and turn off any real time protection if you want to use it in this manner. It never hurts to have a second opinion.

Tea timer is definitely unnecessary because D+ will do everything it does and more. As for the rest of Spybot, I personally don’t feel it is worth leaving on your machine. Spybot used to be useful, but it’s pretty behind the times these days.