I installed a previous version& then uninstalled it.
I have tried to install the latest version but I receive a message saying I should uninstall the previous version. There is no entry in Add/Remove Programs,I have also done a search & there is no Comodo files on my Computer.
Thank You

Hello and welcome to the forums,

Which product are you requesting support for?

Hello sorry I wasn’t more specific The product was Comodo Firewall,I am using XP Pro SP2
Thank You lanky1

Have tried to go to start/run type regedit and then do a search for comodo in the registry? Delete all comodo folders/keys.


I would suggest the same as AOwL, go to Start, Run, then type in Regedit. Then go to Edit then Find then type in Comodo and delete all entries that come up. When finished try an installation again.

Hello I followed the instructions & found a number of entries & deleted them but it has made no difference, I still receive the message that I have an older version of the uninstaller & should uninstall my previous version.
I am presently using Ashampoo Firewall, but Comodo seemed to be superior & maybe I will have to stay with it.