Installation/Update mode - reminder box not appearing after 5 min


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When we use the Installation mode or the “Installer or Updater” option when installing software do we also allow network access to that application? If so, is there a way to prevent this? Because usually when we install something, Comodo firewall asks for every file being written to disk by the setup program, hence the need for the Installation mode, however it should not grant network access without asking first, IMHO. (:NRD)



Does anyone else, have the problem with the dialog box not showing up (after the 5 mins) asking you to return to the previous mode, after going to the installation mode? Because it only showed up once for me in all the times i’ve gone to the installation mode for installing purposes. Am i doing something wrong or is it some kind of bug.

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Depends on the perspective or sense. If you’re referring to something like “will my ports be opened for incoming connections to go to that application?”, then no. If you’re referring to anti-leak protection (i.e. anything related to other malware/files/processes that try to use that application to connect out, provided that application even has the ability to connect out to the internet) then it might be affected because Defense+ is the heart of this area.

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For the most part I remember it does pop-up every 5 minutes on my PC. How often does this occur?

Yes, i know it is supposed to pop-up every 5 minutes, but for me unusual as that may be it doesn’t. Sometimes i’ve even forgotten to change it back and it stayed in Installation mode for a day or so (i started to wonder why i wasn’t getting any “annoying :P” popups asking for permissions, so i checked if Installation mode was on and it was). So, for me it doesn’t really work as it should ??? and there is no way to configure its behavior.
Of the many times i’ve entered this mode, only once has the pop-up show up asking to get to the previous mode.

Maybe it has something to do about the way it is triggered, i initially though that it would be timer based but now i think it may be something else.

I tried searching the forums and google to check if anyone else was complaining about this issue, but i didn’t find any and that’s why i’m asking it now.

I don’t think you’re alone. My previous post state “for the most part”. It’s vague, but my memory does seem to paint a picture that I’ve experienced something like that few times in the past. Let Search Maestro handle this. I know I’ll find that post from Egemen to explain about the exact time it should re-alert.

How about running the Diagnostics option to see if CFP can catch any errors?

Sorry. I have a really wide LCD monitor ;D. BTW, where did I find these attached pics? CFP Help File + Print Screen + MS Paint. The help file is useful. Take my word for it.

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As far as the popup, it doesn’t seem to have the"stay on top" Windows property for me. I usually find it by noticing it counting down in the tray, but this is not a real alert, just an accidental reminder. I did used to get a noticeable popup in earlier versions.

You’re correct about the second one. My problem is that many installers “phone home” and sometimes you really want to prevent that or at least be informed about it, so it’s about anti-leak. :Beer

No errors :stuck_out_tongue:

Bey, if you read my edited post above on that help file, there’s the draw back to the installer/updater mode. I also have this concern for some installers, even from legit programs. But I’ve also noticed on certain installers that if you do answer each alert one by one, if you’re just a few seconds slow to respond them, it might cause the installation corruptions :-.

About that not-on-top issue, maybe that’s why you’re also not seeing it?

I don’t think that’s it. It doesn’t really show up! :slight_smile:
When it did show up that one time, i saw it, just like in your shots.

And yes, i also think the help file is a great resource. (:KWL)

Maybe one of the devs can explain how that pop-up is triggered, if by timer or when the installer process is terminated or something else, so we find a solution that would help my case.

Here you go:;msg92417#msg92417

However, it’s apparent that the Help is incomplete because the 5 minute thing hasn’t been included. I’ve found others not documented yet. Wait until wiki is out 8)

I hope that this new version “fixes” my problem. :THNK

Well, after testing the latest version i have the same questions as before (:AGY)

After installing (updating to) the latest version and doing the 2 required reboots it tested the installation mode again. And the first time i installed something (for testing) the popup box to return to the previous mode did show up after a few minutes. But ever since, i’ve installed more applications and it did never show up again, so i’m having the same problem. Can any of the DEVS give me a possible reason for it happening? There must be something that should have been triggering the popup box, that’s not triggering now for some reason.

Thanks (:KWL)

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I think you should modify your first post’s title to something more specific like “Installation/Update mode reminder box not appearing after 5 min”

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