Installation Problems...

Hello all!
I have just started using Comodo VPN recently, as Hamachi failed. I’m on a Windows 7 64 bit computer currently, and it works fine for me, but when my brother tries on his Windows XP Media Center Edition, Service Pack 3, his installation goes through alright until it reaches to “Starting System Services” at the end of the installation. Then an error pops up, basically saying that he needs to verify that he has sufficient privileges to start system services. His account is set to computer admin already, so what do I do? We’ve been trying to find out for a few hours now. Thanks.

I forgot to add on that it couldn’t start some Comodo adapter. Thanks.

hum … when u brother is istaling comodo, is there is any antyvirus with registry protection ? like kaspersky/bitdeffender/othher ?

if yes, turn it off - registry protection - reboot and try it now. another thing is, when the istalation is made, is u bro see a windowd, that say’s something about digital drivers ? and he can choose install it or leave it ? i dont remeber the correct name of it.

and in second post, u are trying to say, that instalation is ok, but comodo vpn is not running ?

It was an add on to the error. That was a little more specific of what it said. Well, we have Norton on the computer I believe, so could that be the issue?

Hmm. A window about digital drivers? I’m not sure. We got those two other windows that popped up, but we continued anyway for both, as we’re supposed to.

I will try what you suggested soon when I have some time.

only if it (norton) have registry protection ON. if not, it’s not an issue (still it’s only what i thinkin, and it can be something else)

hum … what u can do, it’s check the event’s. u can find it in controll panel → admins tools. and one more thing … try to install lates .net frimework. after this, reboot and try install comodo again.

u can check the pc with hijackthis tool. after scan, u can remove some suspicious stuff. if there are not instaled, or ther remove some time ago.

one more thing. what if u have to many connections in network connection ? coz this can be an issue as well. yes i know this sound stupid, but u never know ;p … what i’m trying to say, it’s if u have other vpn like software, let’s say hamachi/wippien/kali, try to remove it (add/remove software) then reboot and try to install comodo.

I checked, and we got rid of norton a few months back.

I shall try that. What is the second step to that? Like the installing thing you’re explaining?

We don’t have many connections on the other computer. It’s only local and the actual internet connection. Never had other VPN software. Only my computer (Windows 7) HP has used the others, which I’ve removed completely, including hardware (came with wippien, that I had to manually install).

Also, would the Windows Firewall have to do anything with it? Thanks.

Not starting a service points the finger to not having enough rights to do something. Is the user on that machine running as admin or limited user?

about the services … go to start → run



and check is there is comodo services & run or not. if not runing, right click, properites → run service & set up on automatic. reboot and try it now