Installation problem

I’m having problems installing CFP_Setup_English_2.4.18.184.exe. I used to have Zone Alarm (ZA)free version installed. The uninstall of ZA appeared to be successful, however, I did follow the extended uninstall instructions listed in another post on this subject and even went through the registry to look for other ZA entries deleting those I found.

I assumed that by “third party firewalls”, that doesn’t include the Windows XP firewall (which is turned off anyway)?

When I launch the Comodo install, I get the dialog box telling you to uninstall any third party firewalls and click Yes to continue. The dialog box goes away and I get no indication of any activity or errors at all.

Also, I’m running Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2 as the admin. Internet access is dial-up.


Go to the root of this forum for some links like FAQ and you will probably found the answer to your problem.

Oct 7

I’ve been browsing the posts at the forum root. Per those posts, I’ve disabled my antivirus (Symantec Corp Edition 10.x), turned off the Windows XP fire wall and un-installed the Zone Alarm.

The only thing I see when I launch Comodo is a dialog box (see attachment) that says: “In case you have any third party personal firewall installed, please un-install that before installing COMODO Firewall Pro, Would you like to continue?” I click Yes and the dialog box goes away and nothing else happens. No error messages to clue me in. Nothing! Does anyone have any insight as to what the Comodo Installer is looking for?

I had already un-installed Zone Alarm, disabled the anti-virus and the Windows XP Firewall before I even tried the install or read any forums. I suspect it still may be something to do with the Zone Alarm, but don’t know what else to look for.

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i forgot its name: its like cpf_001_001.exe.

it did work for me, browse comodo site might it helps you.

its same firewall but without multilanguage support.

and some mentioned make changes as admin in safe mode, means delete anything, then install even in safemode (might even disable outbound connections in advanced, due you have virus) …

(search for user profile hives and whatever, dont give up)


try google: install prob Site:

I think you may need to uninstall the antivirus, clean the registry, install CFP in safe mode and then re-install the antivirus after the firewall is set up.

I am not familiar with the Symantec AV version you use but some corporate antivirus software (such as McAfee viruscan enterprise) has a built in firewall feature - it may be worth checking to make sure the Symantec AV does not have such features enabled.


I’ve got an ongoing support ticket going now. They had me try a “clean boot” which didn’t help which is pretty close to if not the same as safe mode. I worry a little bit when I attach a .doc file with a screen shot to my origian support ticket and I’m asked to send a screen shot with a link on how to do one. Sigh…

I’ve sent them additional screen shots of the OS, IE, Symantec, Windows Defender versions etc (I’ve attached here too).

I’d thought about uninstalling and reinstalling Symantec. I’ll probably go ahead and do that.

I assume that most users of CPF use or are trying the Antivirus product too? I was thinking of switching to it. Of course with a dial-up connect (my only other option is satelite - too many $$ and no good for VPN or online gaming), I hesitate at 36MB file downloads :frowning: Juno tends to time out frequently. I’ll have to get my son to download it through his school.

BTW, thanks for the replies to my post…

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I tried uninstalling Symantec to no avail. Still waiting for a response from Comodo support.