Installation of new version caused loss of network connectivity

I have been using CAS for a year or so. About a week ago, I started getting a window upon computer startup asking me to download CAS. I ignored it but it it finally won. I downloaded the new version and installed it per the instructions. Once it was installed and the PC restarted, I lost network connection even though the network signal was present. I tried restarting the PC a few times to see if that would cure it. It did not so I did a system restore to go back to the system a few days earlier. After the restore, I had the old CAS again and, most importantly, my network connectivity was restored. I would like to install the latest version but not at the expense of losing network connectivity.

I am using XP SP2. Has anyone else experienced this problem? If so, how were you able to correct the problem?


Hi Philipf, the new CAS does not work very well with some AntiVirus products, and the compatibility issue may cause the network connection losing. We will improve the compatibility in the coming release. Thanks for your supports on CAS.