Installation of Comodo Time Machine Seems Stuck at 99%

I heard great things about CTM and Windows 7 64bit.

After the initial install I rebooted and the Comodo install screen is sitting at 99% with the following numbers at the top left of the screen:

00001111 00800003 00000000 4D61D182

Like I said, this is a Windows 7 64 Bit, I had plenty of HD space on both drives, quad core, 8GB RAM.

The HD light is on, so I’m hesitant to do anything at this point.

Hmmm… Is it a RAID system (mirroring disks)?
Is it only a partition in it?

No RAID, two independant disks. Drive 0 is 500GB with the standard windows 7 hidden partition and the c partition.

Drive 1 only has a single partition and is 1TB.

The are on seperate channels.

Hope the programmers could help you more.
I suppose you’re not in that computer right now.

Nope, on a laptop next to it. Sitting here looking on feeling torn between giving it another 10 minutes and rebooting.

It’s been like an hour and a half already.

Sorry to say, but the computer is doing nothing.
Try to reboot. If it fails. Post again.

I rebooted and the product seemed to work.

I created some snapshots and deleted some test files. When I went to do the restore, CMT hung and windows timed it out.

I re-basedlined, watched it finish, tried the same test again and no dice.

Any ideas? Re-install?

Look… Your computer could get unbootable. Take care. Do you have a full partition backup?
I suggest uninstalling, run chkdsk in all partitions, make backups, install again.

Great idea.

Thanks for your help.

hi mnorton:
No user reports this issue before, do you have any system softwares installed? A screen shot of “Computer management->Disk Management” can help us to look into it.
If you uninstall and reinstall again, please let us know the result.


Exactly the same thing here!

The “error code” is the same too, and my configuration is the same, it’s an NEC ML-470 PC, with Quad Core, 8Gb memory, 2 500GB HDDs, and W7 64bit Enterprise + Win XP SP3 (no additional boot manager, oly W7 original boot menu)

I have 15 pieces of thesse machines, withe the same configuration, and onlya 2 of them has this issue with CTM.

If I reboot, at this point, balck screen, and say: Hard disk read error, and do nothing.
Then I must reinstall everything, and live witouth CTM until someone solve this issue.

Memtest result is ok, after 20 cycle of tests
HDDregenerator 1.71 found no bad sectors on disks

Same issue same code at the top left of page.

Same problem here, same code, same solution