Installation of Comodo Internet Security Pro aborts

Hello everybody !

I have just bought a licence for CIS pro, and have the following issue : the install aborts with this message :
“Failed to initialize the installer. Please check your Internet connection and/or Internet Explorer connection settings. Error : 12002 Le délai imparti à l’opération est dépassé”

The last sentence is in french because my OS in in french (I live in France).
My OS is windows 10, version 1909.

Can someone help me ?
Thanks !

I believe this is either connected with Internet Security Essentials (MTM protection but currently only ) or it could be the Comodo Dragon browser.

ISE has cause some issues and only works with internet explorer. Comodo Dragon is a little behind the the latest chromium version. Both of these you can manually install afterwards.

ISE installer is usually located in C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Installer folder.

CD available from the main site or the forum topic;msg904593#msg904593