Installation of CID languages doesn't work

I have CID Changing English CID language to Russian requires a CID restart after installation of . But after the restart CID is still in English. I suspect the same problem is the same for other languages. Please, fix it.

OS: Windows 7
antivirus: Avast + Comodo Internet Security

Of course there is a problem of Comodo IceDragon 26.0.2 version, not only with the Russian language for whole browser. I had checked random language - polish language and this is the same. No update and language still as ENGLISH.

Operating System: Windows 8 64bits;
Security: Comodo Internet Security Premium;
How you tried to resolve the problem: downloading and installing language pack a lot of times, every time restarting the browser.

  • Screen-shots: not needed. Language stays same as default, everywhere.