Installation Mode

Do you think you could make this easier to find by either putting it in the tray when you right click on the icon or have a box come up that asks something like: If you are installing a safe program would you like to use install mode?..yes…no.

I can’t speak for Comodo, but there are a few wrinkles. First, the Install program is usually started from an Explorer process (with a pop-up:Allow?) then there is the possibility that the installer might run another installer like the msi installer. How does the Defense+ know which if any of these processes are installers? You have to tell it at least once before it knows that it is an installer and has unusual privileges. Usually you only run an install program once or a few times at most, so even if it has the privileges needed after the first use, you still have to identify it that first time. This will happen for every install you do.