Installation goof up!

High all!

I just started using Comodo CIS a couple of days ago. I gave a description of what brought me here in another thread tonight:

As I wrote in that other thread, I installed Comodo at something like 3:00 AM in the morning 2 days ago, after a long and hugely frustrating computer day. I didn’t [and don’t] understand the program and proper install so I messed it up plus my brains were like jelly.

I had to install twice due to my error. On the first install I started to let Geek Buddy install, then cancelled out of install before it loaded. I couldn’t uninstall because full program hadn’t installed, so I just clicked to install again. Second time I decided against Geek Buddy and also declined the Cloud feature that was offered. Now I have a Geek Buddy icon from first install but without installing the whole Geek Buddy program linkage.

I’d like some opinions if you will? Thanks. I have a fear of allowing any Remote Access to my computer at all. No networking is allowed either, again in fear of being compromised. However after thinking back about problems I had with my last two security programs I wonder if I’ve made the right decisions?

How do you folks, fellow users, feel about Geek Buddy, or my concerns there? I surely trust Comodo itself.

Also, should I uninstall and reinstall, this time allowing the Cloud access? I’ve heard some strong negatives about Cloud but after all these many years I’m still pretty much of a dummy with these mischievious machines!

What do you think. Unistall, reinstall with Geek Buddy? How about Cloud access or whatever it is?

Thanks folks!

Hi Jimmie,

My recommendation would be to firstly work out what you need.

If you feel you need GeekBuddy to assist with issues on your PC, then install it. They seem to know what they are doing and they have to operate under the same corporate umbrella as Comodo.

Re. the cloud - while I share some of your concerns to a certain extent, you can install it and use it as a convenience, rather than as a foundation of everything else you do. If you need to share photos, videos, whatever with family and friends, you can upload it to your cloud storage and them allow them to acces it from there. Only invitees can access your storage.

After you have worked out what you want/need, I would uninstall and reinstall, if only so we are operating from a known stable position.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks, Panic, that’s helpful!

The Geek Buddy seems a possibility because I just went through some dark & ugly times with AV’s from other sources. However I did manage to labor through, so maybe I’ll just see how things go with this new install, so far excellent!

The Cloud thing is just my ignorance because I know nothing about it. Far as I know it isn’t critical to make this CIS work and protect. I don’t do any of the file sharing as described so it’s probably a bell or whistle I simply don’t need!

I think I’ll uninstall/reinstall soon just to clean up the Geek Buddy icon and see how things go. Thanks for the tips!