Installation folder Java 7 update 21

XP 32

Anyone installed latest Java?

On my system a folder “Sun” is there in “C” drive. This is the first time I am seeing “Sun” folder in “C” drive. Previously with any version of Java it was not there.

Anyone can confirm that Java now creates “Sun” folder in “C” drive?

I have automatically update Java enabled. Today I got a popup Java update available & proceeded. I got Unlimited Access popup from CIS that .tmp file is not signed but I clicked run unlimited. Everything seems fine except this new sun folder & also for the first time after update completed Java site opened automatically the page verify Java on your system.

(:NRD) Just to confirm - Java in C.

But in the folder have found the last 7 update & old 6 update .
Have wiped the 6 one .

Before installing a new update of Java a always uninstall the old one.

In what locations do you see the Sun folder(s)? You are being vague when saying they are on your C drive.

I urge everybody to install this update as it holds a big slew of security updates.

I have the normal Java folder in program files.

I dont know how this Sun folder appeared in C drive.

It shows date created Apr 16 2013.

On 16th I only added Comodo Dragon Portable to PortableApps folder so that it appears in PortableApps launcher. I didn’t installed any other programs.

Infact I dont have any other programs installed. I formatted & reinstalled. Only XP SP3 32 fully updated, drivers & Flash & Java, no other softwares installed. Only portable apps through portable apps launcher.

Inside Sun Folder there is Java Folder, inside Java there is deployment folder, inside deploy there are cache & SystemCache folders, inside these folders there is a folder name 6.0 in each, inside 6.0 there are 63 folders named 0,1,2,3…63 along with 2-3 other folders.

When you say reinstalled I assume you restored a factory image from the maker of your computer.

That image will likely have Java preinstalled. Java 6 is old so corroborates my assumption.

Reinstalled means formatted & installed i.e during XP install you get quick/full format option, I performed full format.

You used an XP installation CD from Microsoft?

I have a genuine XP CD but on my system CD drive dont work. So I create USB XP installation with wintoflash to install XP on the system.

You did not tell me in what folders the Sun folder sits. I assume they are in Documents and Settings. Which is a standard place where program make folders alongside the Program Files folder. Updates for Java will be downloaded there.

I have mentioned in the first post that Sun folder is in C drive i.e when I click C drive there are usual folders like program files, windows, etc…but Sun folder I saw for the first time.

I know where Java creates folder & hidden folder too & they are there fine.

But Sun folder in C drive was a new to me.

By the way I have deleted the folder now & see no probs.

Do you mean the folders were made in c:? Removing them won’t hurt as it contains updater stuff related to Java 6 which is not used by you I assume.

I have removed the folder.