Installation & Compatiability Qns

Since you bought BOClean(my fav), might as well try your firewall.

Some qns I have difficulty finding the answers:
Do I have to uninstall the previous version first?
Does the autoupdate ask for reboot?
Does it work with DefenseWall?

Let’s say I have a new installer and an installed Comodo Firewall. If I start the new installer, will it autoupdate to the new version?

Appreciate any replies.

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Sorry no ones answered yet so I’ll have a bit of a go. :slight_smile:
cpf is now at version
If you have an older version it should have autoupdated to current version.
If you are doing a new install some steps you should follow.
Completely remove any other firewalls from your system.
Turn xp firewall off.
Do a malware and virus check.
At least disable anti vir before installing.
Disable or remove any other realtime scanning or registry monitoring or locking software.
Here a 2 threads discussing cpf install,6653.msg48946.html#msg48946,4657.0.html

Latest ver download

I have not had autoupdate ask for a reboot.

I don’t know anything about DefenseWall other than it’s hips defense, so at a bit of a loss.
My thoughts
If you load your system with lots of security software you are increasing the chances of conflicts, especially those that work at deep levels.
Here’s one thread I found. I think Soya puts it better than me.

Comodo ver 3 from my reading will include hips


Thanks for the reply.
I have few to none security apps so not a problem.

I installed Comodo and I noticed my application monitor has two identitical entries?

Both parent paths are the same. One has TCP/UDP In, another has TCP/UDP In/Out.
This is from my email client, Becky!.

Also, I noticed whenever a pop up appears, there will be this line “1 of 4” at the bottom of the popup. Sometimes, the number is high.

Sorry if my questions sound simple. Using Windows Firewall for a long time so it looks complicated to me.

I use thunderbird for email.
The only rule required for it is
Allow tcp/udp out
The parent is c:\windows\explorer.exe

Open comodo-click security tab-click advanced (right side)-look for miscellaneous and click configure
Put a tick in the box skip loopback tcp connections

If the parent for both is explorer.exe delete one.
Edit the other so it’s showing only tcp/udp out.
Just to be on the safe side close and restart cpf.
Open Becky and lets see if it works correctly.

As to the alert popups outside of looking at the program names and either allowing or denying thats about all I do, too bloody impatient.
I am taking a guess that it’s the number of alerts for access that the program has requested, someone correct me if wrong please.

Here’s a thread that might help,6908.0.html

Many thanks, sullo. It works. :smiley:

Sorry should have mention it in my other post. Set your browser connections the same, all to tcp/udp out.


Some programs are designed to perform multiple requests, just in case the 1st one fails. Since Comodo is temporarily withholding their requests, the programs will repeatedly launch requests. As long as the pop-up window stays open, the number will go up.

Thanks pepoluan for the clear, concise explanation.


Thanks pepoluan and sullo. :slight_smile:


Whether an update requires a reboot is solely determined by what components have been updated. If the kernel level driver has been updated then yes, you will need to reboot. If it was only things like a change in the GUI of the component list, then no, you shouldn’t have to reboot.

Ewen :slight_smile: