Install Signatures Error


When i try to update CIS, i get an error status, on install signatures.
When i press “view logs”, nothing happens.

This is a fresh install of win7 x64, up-to-date with windows uppdate.

What is the error code and message displayed? You can try deleting the b00#####.cav(where # is some number) file in scanners folder where CIS is installed and try updating again.

It only says “error”. I tried checking the logs, but i cant find any log files. There is no such .cav file starting with b00 in the comodo folders. (asuming programfiles\comodo)

Can you provide a screenshot of the update window when it gives the error?

Also, nothing happens when clicking “view loggs”

Try to manually import the AV database by getting the complete AV database from here then open the main GUI go to the ? icon and select about, in that window click on import virus database. If that completes successfully then try running the update task again to see if it can update properly.

It worked, thanks!