Install problems

I installed the software on a P4-2.4 1024Mb XP SP2 machine and it froze on install. I do not know why but i thing it conflicts wit Comodo Antispam and Norton IS2007 or PC-tools Registry Mechanic. Also after install my internet connection has gone.

I deleted the software and all is working again. I think this program needs a lot of improvement before releasing on the net.

Hi Eljo,

A new version of Comodo SecureEmail is now available.

The version also addresses the problems highlighted in this post. Thanks to you all for your feedback.

Here’s the post for the new beta:

If you still continue to have problems, post back here and we’ll try to resolve them as quickly and painlessly as possible.


The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.

That’s because the post linked was an obsolite one that had been deleted.

There currently no Beta.

The Current release version is: -

Which was released on 28/04/2009.

Ther is a Alpha out but I’ve personally not tried it. The current release works well for me

Alpha topic:


New Alpha II version is available for download:

Regards, Eugene