Install problem CIS 8.2

ever since the update to the 8.2 series I have a problem instaling CIS on new fresh PC’s . The inititial scan always abort. and I’m stuck with Orange Not Secure.
Have tested this on 15-20 new installs and my only sulution is ti load CIS 7 and finish the initial scan and update to CIS 8.2 to get it working.

cavwp.exe and singmgr.dll is the faulting apps as per Event Viewer.

Can someone suggest a solution for this.

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Installing on Windows 10 100130 also does not work. Initial scan and all scans abort.

Error found in Event Viewer :

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Since it seems you’ve already tried doing a clean re-install I am afraid I have no other ideas of actually fixing it. CIS is to my knowledge only officially supporting up to Windows 10 TP 9926 and hence some issues can be present on later builds. A workaround, if you’re comfortable with it, is to install Comodo Firewall instead of Comodo Internet Security. Personally I am running CFW on Windows 10 TP 10130 just fine however that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work for you.

Hi Sanya
The same thing is happening on Windows 8.1 , not limited to Windows 10.

Oh, not sure then, you may want to consider making a bug report.

Hey Guys,

Please kindly create a bug report and send me the link.

Kind Regards