Install of Flashplayer blocked in Dragon 30.0 is not accessable using Dragon 3.0. The site seems to constantly reload but never complete. I noticed that the Priv Dog indicates with a number in the red field flickering between 0 and 2. As far as I can see, this means it is not possible to install flash player which is limiting the use of the browser.


Hi and welcome Segelmange,
The instructions in the quote below should solve the issue.

Kind regards.

It overcame the same problem for me .

I unchecked the ‘Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP referrer header)’ option and this lets me install flashplayer. I can also go to an Adobe page and checke that flash player is installed, and it is. Still, when I visit a particular page I get a message saying that I either have java script disabled (which I donät have) or that I dont have flashplayer installed. You could argue that this is due to som issue with the web page I am visiting, but the same page is working in google chrome. And I guess that means it should work in comodo as well. I.e. the issue above is resolved but the problem remains. I will log that in another thread.

Flashplayer installed but some web pages still does not work