Install for multiple users

I’m afraid I’m no certificates expert, so would appreciate some suggests for the following problem.

We’ve purchased a code signing certificate from Comodo, which we’re tying to install on a server so that it can be used by anyone who logs on to it to sign macros in Office 2003 applications (via VB Editor). However, using the pvkimprt tool (with the -import option) to install the certificate on the server, it automatically installs the certificate in the user certificate store - thus it can only be used by the user who installs it.

I’ve tried running the pvkimprt tool with the -pfx option to create a pfx file and then import this into the local computer certificate store using the certicates mmc snap-in. The certificate is imported successfully, but when a user tries to log on to the server they don’t have any certificates available to sign the macro with.

Am I being naive? Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.


You will need to place the certificate in the personal store of all users who will use the certificate.
Comodo Support