Install Firewall only on latest Windows 10 build ?

I was happy with Comodo Firewall on Windows 10 Build 11102 “Insider”…
When Upgrade to latest build 14251, the upgrade process failed and roll back to 11102.

I found culprit was Comodo Firewall (disabled before upgrade).

I can made a fresh install of latest build 14251, but when trying to install CIS (firewall only) , the installation start, and stall at 99% then the Windows 10 GUI hang. No mouse, no Keyboard.
Repair or uninstall is impossible even in safe mode.

Is there a known way to use Comodo Firewall on this build ?

I have been through the exact same. I have mentioned it in the release topic of CIS v8.2 but haven’t reported it as a bug yet. I am waiting to hear if they want a report. Windows 10 Insider is a bit of a moving target especially now they upped the release speed of the fast channel. :-\

Plus there are a lot of bugs with the latest insider build

Thanks for reply,

There is no “trace” of the reason why Comodo Firewall won’t fully install as Windows 10 hangs fully. At reboot it rollback to previous version. I can’t finf any log file with install errors.

I suppose it can be related to the TCP IP stack or any network related component changed between 11102 and 14251.
The previous upgrade to 11102 does not affect Comodo Firewall.

According to Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14251that’s the consequence of the new release speed for the fast ring:

I also want to reiterate once again that with the change to release builds faster to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, [b]bugs like the ones we had in the last build (or the File Explorer copy UX from the prior build) are going to pop up. Sometimes it might be several builds before we get these bugs fixed. And there might be times where a build we release contains bugs we haven’t found in internal testing as well[/b
Gotta love beta testing. :smiley:

I’m also curious to learn why it is happening and if there are changes in the TCP/IP stack. When I went back to 11102 I reported that I went back because CIS would not install and would interfere with the upgrade (the latter it never did in the past).