install extension

hi anyone have an idea of how to integrate the extension DVDVideoSoft Browser on dragon??
thank you

…it might be a drag & drop situation as /w/ the privalert extension…
there’s a zip file here in the forum that you can download, & the way you do it is, open the zip file & there’s a (.crx) file in it - you have to open the extensions page (dragon://extensions/) & drag & drop the .crx file into it
(I had to minimize the page /w/ the crx in it to a small page to D&D into the maximized extensions page)
Maybe this is something like what you need to do. Look for a .crx file in the app you’re trying to install…

Thanks man but where the zip file hi can download ???loooll

sorry i a noob :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the thread for PrivAlert.

Zip file for PrivAlert is under Reply #4.
Instructions are under Reply #6.

Under line 5 it says: “5. If you have Comodo Dragon Maximized then make it smaller.”
When I do, it goes too small to the lower RH corner, thats why I leave the Dragon Extensions page maximized & the page I extract the crx from out of the zip smaller.

When it installs close Dragon & open again & click the PrivAlert button up in the upper RH corner, & then the button /w/ the * & check all 5 boxes, because when it installs it is only set to “detect” & not block - You have to check the boxes to block - Under general settings DONT check box to enable auto-update, & DONT click the green button to update library now because PrivAlert is not supported anymore & it will probably disable it, but it works great the way it is until Comodo comes out /w/ the “something better” that was stated awhile back.
If you run into something on a website that doesn’t work, (“search” functions & other things, FB games etc.) & you really want or need it to, whitelist the site by clicking the PA button & then “add it”.
hope this helps

thank you but…

I do not think you understood what I want.
I want to put the extension DVDVideoSoft in Dragon and I can not

Thanks already decided the issue