install error and antivirus disabled

Hi there. Community seems good here and i have searched for a solution. So maybe you guys could shed some light on my problem. I’ll cut to the chase.

Used comodo firewall for a long time… got win7x64… installed CIS.
Liked it… got it for my xp32 laptop. installation failed.

comodo ran its diagnostics… found errors… fixed errors… rebooted.
comodo now works… except the anti-virus is not present.

Uninstalled and tried again with windows processes stripped to a minimum. same result.
Uninstalled and ran the cleanup tool provided by this community. same result.
Uninstalled with community provided uninstaller. same result.
Proceeded with a combination of all 3. Same result!

Conclusion… I’m confused.

Sounds similar to another problem.

That’s the only thing I can think of right now.