install comodo with d+ or leak protection

hi to all
i tried comodo and i found really great
i used outpost for many years
now i want to use comodo

well i have a couple of question

i use nod32 like av , and spybot like anti malware
well at install i can select install comodo with d+ or leak protection
for now i have only installed leak protetion

how more secure is install comodo with defend+ ?
and how many resource need the full install?

  1. i 'm used to work with outpost
    so maybe some ex outpost user can understand me
    with outpost i was able to make rules in real time for every action of a program
    for example a program like emule makes 100 net acts , and outpost pop up for every action
    in some case , and i repeat in some case is useful outpost behavior

can i do with comodo too? and if yes how?

have a nice day (:WAV)

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Hi mantra,

Welcome to the forums!
Defense+ fully enabled will cover almost all attack vectors, and if it is in cleanpc mode, you should only receive alerts if you install something new. (the main difference between leakprotection mode and full defense+ is that in leakprotection defense+ is only partially enabled, this mode was requested by users, it protects less resources but it also produces less popups for the same reason) Regarding resources, you shouldn’t notice any differences with defense+ on and off. CFP is generally very light on resources.

If you are using spybot I advise you to turn teatimer off, to avoid conflicts.

Regarding your questions about usage I suggest to read the manual, and ask if you don’t understand something. We will be happy to answer them. And yes, you can make rules from the pop-ups, but its not the same as in Outpost. If you are going to use P2P apps, its advisable to make rules for them manually. Its much easier then answering a dozen of popups. There are several HOWTO’s in the forum and a lot of helpful people in case you get stuck :wink:

thanks Blas

about the install defence+ (otherwise firewall+leak test) how much ram does comodo need more then firewall+leak?

about the manual yes i read but is not very exhaustive, comprehensive

ps i read that defence+( the new module Defense Plus Host Intrusion Prevention System is still a little buggy , is it true?

have a nice day

After a lot of hours my PC turned on with installs, making back ups with Norton Ghost, watching a movie, listening to music, playing a couple of gamesand of course, surfing around the net,hehehe; you can see reource usage by CFW with D+ enabled:

I think there is minor defference, 0.4-0.8 mb or so, because I used to run it in leak protection and later used the whole defense+ package.

I’m using defense+ for a bit and haven’t found any major bugs. The only bug I came across is it causes the GUI due to particular handling of View Process List to crash, but defense+ is still working in the background.

but i have
cfp.exe 4mb
cmdagent.exe 6mb
ctfmon 4mb
under xp

That’s fine. I v’e got XP too.
Resorces depends programs have you got installed, programs exit to the net, time is your PC turn on,etc.
As you can see, CFP is very lighter.
I use too Comodo Memory Firewall and CBOClean.

only 1 question but i select comodo to don’t run on boot
but i have a service that run in auto
is a way to setup the service only when i run comodo?

I don’t know. I think if you go to services and you change from auto to manual.
But i have got a question:
Why install a FW if you don’t run it at startup?
When your PC boot, while is starting and connecting to internet, CPW is protecting your PC.
A FW isn’t a on demand scanner as some free antispyware.