install 3 alpha? [Resolved]

when i try to install i get this-you seem to be having cpf-alpha installed using older version of installer please go to add/remove programs and uninstall cpf-alpha?its not in add/remove programs it isnt installed?

You got some registry cleaning to do if you installing it twice. An editor like Registrar Registry Manager lite will help you sort it out, or simply regedit. Backup always, and do it only if you’re comfortable.
Find all the entries for Comodo alpha.

i used regcleaner,regseeker,tweaknow and regedit and searched for comodo and removed everything but still gives me that message?

You might manually check (using Regedit) in these locations:


HKLM/Software/Microsoft/Windows/Current Version/Uninstall/Comodo Firewall Pro

HKLM/System/Software/Comodo/Firewall Pro

HKLM/System/Software/Comodo/Firewall Pro/Configurations/0/Firewall/Predefined/0/Rules/0

HKLM/System/Software/Comodo/Firewall Pro/Configurations/0/HIPS/Predefined/X (X= number of policy)

HKLM/System/Software/Comodo/Firewall Pro/Configurations/0/HIPS/Policy/X (where X is the number of the app in the app list)

And also look at this filepath (along with the regular program files that would be used): C:\Documents and Settings\XXXX\Application Data\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles

As Pedro pointed out, there are uninstall issues with this Alpha.


Download, unzip, and run the script on the above thread(first post) if you are saying that you have uninstalled Alpha previously and are trying to reinstall it.

There is a script to run to clean out all of the old entries from Alpha. I use it every time and it has worked for me so far.


thanks jasper2408 after running that cleaner it now installs,thanks everyone for the help

Great, then we’ll mark this one resolved, and close it out… :slight_smile: If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (please include a link) and we’ll be glad to do so.