Instalation of Comodo on Ubuntu 22.04 - unsolvable dependencies

Is there anyone who did successfully install CIS on ubuntu 22.04? I have fresh installation of Jammy Jellyfish and i wanted to install Comodo. I did sourced aproperiate .deb (64 bit) from comodo website and tried to install it by Ubuntu software center. It failed, cause dependencies are missing which is libssl, then it appears to be discontinued and needs multiarch that’s no longer officially a part… etc. generally not possible to just install Comodo without installing outdated, discontinued or no longer supported stuff and making quite a messy construct around it since they also have long lists of hard to solve deps being no longer part of official. :frowning:
Any ideas how to do this clean and simple in 2023? :a0
And, im just avg user, not a hardcore programer nerd (:NRD) i know what terminall is but more copy/paste style than linuxwarior :o

Hi Boobrowsky

Thank you for reporting.
We will check with the related team and update you.


Same issue here - any update @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT ?

Hi daygle82,

The CAVL development is discontinued and there is no plan to build new version at the moment.
We will keep you posted.



With Linux no longer supported, should the information about it on the website be removed and the web page for the installer and ’ Best Antivirus for Linux 2022 ’ also be removed ?

Hi Dolphin66,

Ok, we will check with the team and update you.