Inspect Element console is Borked

This has been tested with every option I could think of ticked / unticked first.

Often, using the Inspect Element option from the right-click dropdown menu, the Profiles tab and the cog icon at the bottom right both lead to ‘Aw Snap!’ messages and wont load until navigating away from the current page

This breakage appears to occur at random intervals. Sometimes the same page can have different results and allow these menus to load. I have not been able to find a consistent factor that causes the issue.

Running Win7 64-bit SP1 on Comodo Secure DNS and the most recent Dragon stable release


Have you tried running Dragon in incognito mode to see if the issue reproduces with the extensions disabled?
Also, try clearing your cache and cookies.


Yup. I have done both of those things, with no different result.

Also reset the options under dragon://flags for good measure. No cigar.


Can you upload some log files for analysis?
Launch Dragon with this command line switch: --enable-logging -v=1. This will create a log file in %localappdata%\Comodo\Dragon\User Data (the log file is called “chrome_debug”).

Also create a log file using DebugView.
To create a log file you have to download DebugView from this location: DebugView - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn.
After launching DebugView go to the “Capture” menu and select this option: “Capture Global Win32”.
You have to run DebugView before launching IceDragon.

Thank you.