insert sim card

trying to install cms and when trying to activate anti-theft it says please insert sim card?
android 2.3.4-adr6300-latest cms from google play

nothing?uninstalled again.

Hi hyatt69,

I have not this problem, which SIM card and which mobile network operator do you use?

Hi, htatt69, which phone are you using?

htc adr6300-android version 2.3.4(verizon/no sim card)

So you did insert SIM card when you tried to activate Anti-theft?
Anti-theft can only be activated when SIM card is inserted.

the phone has no sim card slot. It does not use a sim card.

Thank you very much.
I think we knew where the problem is now and will try to fix it asap.

And what about my phone (LG P500 Optimus One, android 2.3.3, ROM LG-P500-V20e official, ROOT) (;msg594540#msg594540)? I’ve changed my SIM one month ago.

Hi, ptizin, do you also use verizon phone? The ones without sim car slot?

My phone has SIM card slot and SIM card in it (Beeline, Russia). Phone is not locked by cellular operator.

can you post here when the problem is fixed so i can use the software,thanks

Sure, I will. Thank you very much.

Hey guys, until there is a fix for the anti-theft program to work on my LG Optimus that does not have a sim card in it and therefore I can not activate it, I will have to switch back to Zoner antivirus because I can not afford to loose my phone and not be able to find it. I will come back when this is fixed. (Loyal desktop user for many years and wish I could use it on my phone).
I’ll keep checking back. Keep up the great work!

Hope CMS could be support all device asap :slight_smile:

I also have the LG P500 Optimus One and I also get the message about needing to put my SIM in before activating anti-theft. But I already do have my SIM in.

Hi, guys, the SIM card bug has been fixed.

Please check the new version 1.2.19539.4.