Insert Comodo Banner into Signature.

Can anyone advise me on how to insert one of the COMODO Banners into my signature in the Comodo Forum? (:KWL)
Thanks for any and all direction. ???

Insert image tags around the url: [ img ]url[ /img ] (I had to add extra spaces around them in order to show you)

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Hokay, done that :slight_smile: - now, how to make it clickable like in the instructions on the banner page… :slight_smile:

Here’s the code to make it linkable:


Here’s a dedicated page that shows most of the “secret” forum posting codes:;page=post

I know - about 99% of people never visit the new member page 88).

Many thanks for that, mucyh appreciated…
You mean you have a new members page??? - Hmmm, must of missed that when I was looking over this place when i first joined… (:TNG)