Insecure link Live Support

Hi, this is just to report the link in Comodo Internet Security “Live support” near settings open an insecure page.
This is an issue on the configuration of the used live chat.

A security software with a insecure link connection :slight_smile:
Suggest to fix the configuration of the live chat to work only with SSL

The score on SSL LABS of the https link (forced manually) of the live help web software used by Comodo is A so seems good… just a bad idea to not force SSL.

Noticed this too via the website’s Geek Buddy chatbox. Thought it was very strange.

When opening Geekbuddy ( from within CIS it uses a plaintext connection instead of a session via HTTPS.

Not sure if this has always been the case, however given that some sort of personal/sensitive information seems likely to be sent via this connection I don’t see why it should not use HTTPS.

Hi peopleinside,

Thank you very much for reporting, We’ll take care of it.

Nevermind already reported.

Hi peopleinside,

This issue is fixed. Please confirm.

Hi Metheni, thank you very much for your reply.
Where the issue should be fixed? Seems to be not fixed: please see my screenshot generated now.

Hi peopleinside,

May I ask you to clear your browser cache please and try to reload the page or click the CIS support link.

:-TU Seems fixed, thank you!

Maybe there is a new issue. Please be sure chat is working as when i try to start a chat an error is showed:
The chat session could not be initialized. Please try again later.

Hi peopleinside,

Thank you for reporting, this is important.

We are back on HTTP, could you please confirm now whether you are able to start chat.

Developers are working to fix the support link. “We’ll keep you updated.

Ok yes HTTP seems work now.

Any news about support and force HTTPS for Gekbuddy chat? :slight_smile:

Hi peopleinside,

Thanks for your patience.
Our developers are working in it, once resolved we will notify you.