infrastructure move, no quarantine

Moved on 11th. No quarantine working since then. Or, if quarantined, not in quarantine “box”. Just when I thought all was well.

Here we go again and it will be down to something untested and not Comodo fault but the users. What have support said if they replied?

Not yet. Only been a couple of hours.

couple back and forth messages, then at 0200 GMT:
We have escalated your case at the highest priority possible to our development team to investigate and fix the problem.

We will get back to you as soon as we receive an update.

waiting and hoping,

Got another of these a couple hours ago:
We’re glad to notify you that your account has been just switched to a new ASG platform! Please don’t hesitate to login to the Comodo Antispam Gateway:
All the best,
Comodo Antispam Gateway
Customer Support Team"

No news. Realized that archive is not updating (and shrinking). Quarantine is same as a week ago. Archive not working is really lame. Am I the only one this happened to? Maybe no one lef around here.


All my clients still get message that they will be moved 10 days ago but not happened yet as unable to login into gateway 2. Support if you are listen i think a comment in the forum would be nice, if you want to keep customers.

Asked for status this morning (12:30 ZULU). No update yet.

Comodo still maintaining radio silence. 2 accounts doing the same thing, no quarantine or archive showing up in Incoming pages. Logs show stuff being quarantined but can’t get to it. I am guessing that these pages are pointing to the old server. Guess it is about time to bail out. Hope they don’t move you, if they do, be afraid. Be ready.

current status:

Posted on: October 19 2018 13:35

Our Developers informed us that the issue has been fixed. The problem of absent quarantine messages was the temporary issue during migration on new server with new solutions. Please check and confirm on your end.

Thank you and looking forward to your reply.
Comodo Technical Support Team

Posted on: October 19 2018 16:35

Developers are wrong. It is NOT fixed.

Comodo Support

Posted on: October 19 2018 16:42
Hi Lou,

We will update our development team and get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks

Kind Regards,
Comodo Technical Support Team

Your Subscription Renewal
Dear Valued Comodo Customer:
Our records indicate that your subscription to Antispam Gateway blah, blah

Looks like it was fixed around 0700 EDT this morning. Lost access to a couple of weeks of quarantine and archive email unless they are able to restore that. Will keep an eye on it. Eyeballing alternatives.


Looks like we are back to normal. All restored.

This is happening to me also. I would’ve expected them to iron out the kinks a month after this issue happened to somebody else (or many others - who knows?).

My account was “moved” on 6 November, I put in a support ticket on 8 November. They responded (after I asked for an update) yesterday (13 November) saying the issue was fixed, but I still can’t log in to the new server. They re-escalated to the Development department for further investigation.

Do we have any details on what went wrong that might help them fix the issue again?

Just saw this. No, they rarely provide details. I don’t know, but suspect that Comodo is a reseller or just uses some other company to do the servers. Comodo support folks are good but don’t seem to get much feedback themselves. Seems like we only have problems when they decide to make “improvements”. Must have learned that from a large company in Washington state. 8)

After about 10 days without access to the quarantine, we migrated to a different solution. Fortunately, I had no trouble getting a prorated refund for the unused time on my subscriptions.