Infoworld Review on Comodo Dragon -- 25 Jan 2012

I got this in my email this morning and I thought I’d share this review on Comodo Dragon in Infoworld

Enjoy! ;D

URL: Infoworld: 6 Google Chrome remixes worth trying; Comodo Dragon


Thanks, good read.

I thought it was pretty sad for the reviewer to make the “6th Chrome Remix” the dev and beta versions of Chrome. 88) :-TD

Dragon based on Chrome? Isn’t based on Chromium?

If they take the code from Chrome’s source, then it’s Chrome’s Clone, security injections aside.

A correct title would would be “6 forks based on Chromium.” Maybe even, “6 Chromium-based builds to tryout.”

Of course it is…read “About” it. :wink:

No, I already know that it’s based on Chromium, but the title states otherwise. Chrome remixed, no, it’s a Chroimum fork/version.