Information About New "Application Categories"

Hi All! :slight_smile:

We would like to provide you detailed information regarding our new Sandbox Settings option: “Application Categories” .

With the help of " Application Categories " trust/untrust option ; you are able to trust /untrust all files belong to related category easily.

  • It is a very easy way of classification of trusted and untrusted applications. If you select trusted for the categories, applications in the categories will run out of sandbox; if you select untrusted for the categories, applications in the categories will run in Sandbox !

  • It can be used to control any application for the selected category to run in Sandbox automatically !

  • In case you need for the selected category as untrusted, it ensures you to be protected from all related applications inside this category because sandxing will provide prevention from accessing critical system objects, e.g. raw disk, global hooks, physical memory, other processes, etc !

Below please check the details of the categories:

General games, online and offline. Can be used for performance improvement (run outside of sandbox and/or without firewall restrictions can introduce better performance and/or user experience for online games), parental control etc.

PC Utility
Utilities related to PC (and OS) setup and maintenance, like firmware updater, partition table editor etc.

Applications listed as ‘Adware’ in the Comodo file database. While not malicious, adware sometimes runs profiling and data collection tasks that causes concern to some users. We recommend you to set as “Untrusted”. ** Please note that this category will be set as “Untrusted” on default with next release.

PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program)
Applications listed as a ‘Potentially Unwanted Program’ in the Comodo file database. Like adware, a PUP is a legitimate piece of software but one that the user may not be aware is installed, or may have
functionality and objectives that are not clear to the user. An example is a browser toolbar installed as an extra with a different software product. We recommend you to set as “Untrusted”. ** Please note that this category will be set as “Untrusted” on default with next release.

Programming Tool
Applications related to program development, compilers, IDE, source code control etc.

Application related to business/financial activity. Bank clients and accountant software are probably best examples.

General purpose utilities, opposite to PC Utility, harmless in inexperienced hands, archivers, file hash/digest calculators etc.

Software tool
Applications related to software install, update, management tasks. Software downloaders and installers from third party vendors, patch managers etc.

Networking Software
Applications related to network tasks, network scanners, sniffers etc. We recommend you to set as “Trusted”

Manufacturing Tools
Applications related to manufacturing process, computer-aided design, manufacturing device controllers.

Social Networks
Applications related to social network activities, clients, messengers, etc.

P2P Applications
Peer-to-peer applications, torrent and other file exchange network clients etc.

Multimedia applications
Audio, video players etc.

Let us know your feedbacks, recommendations and comments !

Thank you very much in advance,


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What if you don’t want to use categories and just want it to be on a per-application basis? For example X Trusted game run outside of sandbox but Y unknown game run inside sandbox?

Will be possible to edit the categories, remove or create new ones?

What about an option to roll back ccav to its default configuration? This could improve usability for us when digging into deep configurations, messing around and rolling back everything.

This is an amazing feature for windows applications! Good job.

I can see you are trying your best to make it as easy as possible.



We are trying to make it so very easy for the user to set & forget! Actually install & forget and let the default settings take care of everything, including verdicting files automatically within sandbox etc.


I know most user on the Forum prefer being able to adjust settings, but for the wider audience this is exactly what they want/need.


Great,this will be easy !super :-TU

This is a cool feature but I’m curious how the actual categorization works. Is each category just a list of exes that comodo makes manually or does it use some speciality heuristics to categorize things.

With Trusted & Untrusted an Ask option would be good too.

May be users dont want a category to run outside sandbox or run inside sandbox but to ask to decide.

I would like to see Ask option too.


I guess that ask to decide to isolate or not is better than categories. The two options should be in ccav (and in cis9 too).

Create a separate wish for this

Born a Princess,a masterpiece is Born,It will be very easy,And this is not the limit.Very fast Komodo, Komodo Superman,We are waiting for his birth,rather would that day! :-*

Hi vitim,

When you set any category as untrusted and also set the sandbox settings as " alert for untrusted files" then you will be "asked " to sandbox it or not.

We will change the wording here as “alert for untrusted applications” with the next release to make it clear.

For your information ,

Kind Regards

The criteria for classification - Trusted venders Certificates?

eg. Trusted Venders classification in COMODO <-> CCAV

Do you guys think a “Block” option for the category would be good too?

I manage family/relatives/frds system. And I would like to block some category instead of run in/outside/alert sandbox on their system.
So I think “Block” option would be good too.

What do you guys think?

I think its nice. Something like an Parental Control.

Hello yessnoo,

Thank you for your feedback, could we pls get a wish report for that - to process this wish immediately :slight_smile: ?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards

Would it be good if there is an “Application Installed” category i.e all installed applications are shown with options like Allow, Block & Ask. Allow will allow updates/upgrades of the selected apps, Ask will ask for the changes/modification & Block will block?

so if i set a category as trusted all files on that category will run out of sandbox… what if i dont know a software but its related to that trusted category?

please, add an option to “ask” if we want to isolade or not…