Info request: Firewall vs A/V vs A/S

(I scanned thread#979 with great interest: I would have added this there, but the forum-managing software suggested otherwise…) I have AVG plus Clam plus Spybot plus Lavasoft; I’m also a dialup user, except during (very infrequent) travels when wifi is available. I understand that multiple protectors are often appropriate, as one protector may find an item the others missed (so to speak). However, given all these conditions, why, if at all, would I need Comodo? Would all these pieces likely step on Comodo’s toes, or vice versa?

AV and AS doesn’t prevent hackers from scanning your computer ports is one good example of why a firewall should be one of your first line of defenses.

Comodo is a firewall. The products you mentioned are AV and AS. A good firewall such as Comodo will prevent unorthorized access both in and out. If you like a firewall is like soyabeaner says - your first line of defense. AV and AS deal with cleaning up AFTER your machine has been compromised, whereas, a firewall will help to prevent this.

The main thing is that you have installed Comodo, so you have the best firewall available! ;D

Okay, I think I understand a bit better based on your responses. (Thanks!) I haven’t installed Comodo yet (just now downloaded it), out of, frankly, fear. Will it put a sort of “chokehold” on my communications? That is, do I need to wait and configure it correctly so’s I don’t have to say, “Yep, allow this one” each and every time I send or accept a transaction???